100 Kerala PSC Previous Question Papers&answer - Learning Exam

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100 Kerala PSC Previous Question Papers&answer

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1. In mauryan administrative terminology, the special reporters to the king was called by which name
A. Prativedikas
B. Rajukas
C. Sitadhyakshas
D. Yuktas
Answer: Option-A
2. Who propounded the philosophy of ‘Dvaitadvaita’
A. Ramanuja
B. Vallabhacharya
C. Nimbaraka
D. Madhavacharya
Answer: Option-C

3. Who founded ‘Harijan Sevak Sangh’ for providing educational,medical and technical facilities to depressed classes
A. B.R. Ambetkar
B. Mahatma Gandhi
C. Ayyankali
D. Jyotiba Phule
Answer: Option-B
  4. Who was the founder of ‘Servants of the People Society’
A. Gopalakrishna Gokhale
B. Balagangadhara Tilek
C. Bipinchandrapal
D. Lala Lajpat Rai
Answer: Option-D
5. As per the Census 2011, Which Union Territory in India has the highest female sex ratioA. Lakshadeep
B. Daman& Diu
C. Pondicherry
D. Chandigarh
Answer: Option-C
6. Who won French Open 2014 Womens Singles title
A. Maria Sharapova
B. Serena Williams
C. Venus Williams
D. Simona Halep
Answer: Option-A
7. Khologchu hydro-electric project is a joint venture between India and
A. Nepal
B. Bengladesh
C. Myanmar
D. Bhutan
Answer: Option-D
8. Which country won Hocky World Cup 2014
A. Netherlands
B. Australia
C. India
D. Pakistan
Answer: Option-B
9. Who was the founder of ‘Vaala Samudaya Parishkarani Sabha’
A. Pandit Karuppan
B. Kumara Guru
C. Ayya Vaikunder
D. Velukkutty Arayan
Answer: Option-A
10. Who was the brain child of Ezhava Memorial
A. Kumaranasan
B. Sree Narayana Guru
C. Dr.Palpu
D. C.Kesavan
Answer: Option-C
11. Who introduced ‘Permanent Revenue Settlement’
A. William Bentict
B. Wellesley
C. Delhousie
D. Cornwallies
Answer: Option-D
12. In which year the ‘Kayal Conference’ was held under the leadership of Pandit Karuppan
A. 1912
B. 1913
C. 1914
D. 1915
Answer: Option-B
13. Who wrote the novel ‘Idris’
A. Anitha Nair
B. Jayasree Misra
C. Anitha Prathap
D. Jhumpa Lahiri
Answer: Option-A
14. K.R.Narayanan Institute of Visual Science and Arts is situated in which district
A. Kozhikode
B. Ernakulam
C. Kottayam
D. Thiruvananthapuram
Answer: Option-C
15. Who wrote ‘Kristumatha Niroopanam’
A. Vagbhatananda
B. Chattambi Swamikal
C. Poykayil Yohannan
D. Kuriakose Elias Chavara
Answer: Option-B
16. During the European period which river in Kerala was called as ‘English Channel in India’
A. Chandragiri
B. Kabani
C. Bhavani
D. Mayyazhi
Answer: Option-D
17. The headquarters of ‘Forest Survey of India’ is situated at
A. New Delhi
B. Kolkotta
C. Dehradun
D. Bhopal
Answer: Option-C
18. Who was the President of Indian National Congress at the time of Indian Independence
A. Jawaharlal Nehru
B. J.B.Kripalani
C. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad
D. Rajendra Prasad
Answer: Option-B
19. Over which occasion Ganghi gave his famous slogan ‘Do or Die’
A. Non cooperation
B. Civil Disobedience
C. Champara Satyagraha
D. Quit India Movement
Answer: Option-D
20. Who wrote ‘The Hindus:An Alternative History’
A. Wendi Donigar
B. Eric Hobsbawn
C. George Rude
D. William Darlymple
Answer: Option-A
21. What is motel?
A. A large hotel.
B. A small hotel.
C. A large hotel with parking facility.
D. A small hotel on the highway where motorists check in.
Answer: Option-D
22. Which one of the following is a heritage hotel?
A. Taj Bengal, Kolkata
B. Maurya Sheraton, Delhi
C. Rambagh Palace, Jaipur
D. ITC Sonar, Kolkata
Answer: Option-C
23. The housemaid always performs:
A. Light cleaning jobs and linen arrangements
B. Heavy cleaning jobs
C. Lobby cleaning on the each floor of the hotel
D. None of these.
Answer: Option-A
24. Average Room Rate:
A. (Number of Rooms Sold/Number of Rooms Available for Sale)X100
B. (Number of Beds Sold/Number of Beds Available for Sale)X100
C. (Number of Beds Sold/Number of Rooms Available for Sale)X100
D. (Number of Rooms Sold/Number of Bedss Available for Sale)X100
Answer: Option-B
25. A Duplex room is a room with
A. Air conditioner
B. Room service facility
C. An extra bed
D. Two storeys connected by stairs
Answer: Option-D
26. Modified American Plan (MAP):
A. A billing arrangement under which room charges include the guestroom and three meals, Also called as full board /
full pension.
B. A billing arrangement under which the daily rate is including room and two meals, generally Breakfast and dinner.
C. A billing arrangement under which meals are priced separately or room only plan.
D. A billing arrangement which includes room and continental breakfast.
Answer: Option-B
27. Skipper:
A. A guest who leaves with no intention of paying for the room.
B. A guest who checks in to the hotel with very less or no luggage.
C. A guest who arrives at a hotel without a reservation.
D. Turning away a guest who has a reservation because of a lack of room availability.
Answer: Option-A
28. No-Show:
A. A guest who checks in to the hotel with very less or no luggage.
B. A guest who arrives at a hotel without a reservation.
C. A guest who made a room reservation but did not register or Check in.
D. Turning away a guest who has a reservation because of a lack of room availability.
Answer: Option-C
29. The size of the bed in a king room is:
A. 60’’ x 80’’
B. 45’’ x 60’’
C. 60’’ x 60’’
D. 80’’ x 72’’
Answer: Option-D
30. The minimum carpet area for a five star resort hotel (double room) is

A. 200 sq ft.
B. 120 sq ft.
C. 412 sq ft.
D. 212 sq ft.
Answer: Option-A

31. One would find boatels in
A. Manali
B. Loktak
C. Darjeeling
D. Srinagar
Answer: Option-D
32. Which one of the following organisation is operating youth hostels around the world?
Answer: Option-B
33. Master Key:
A. A Key which opens all guest rooms and doors even when they are double locked.
B. A Key which opens all guest room doors which are not double locked.
C. A Key which opens on one guest room when it is not double locked.
D. A Key which opens all doors of food and beverage outlets.
Answer: Option-B
34. Which one of the following is inflammable organic solvent?
A. Benzene
B. White Spirit
C. Turpentine
D. Carbon tetra chloride
Answer: Cancelled
35. Lanai:
A. It is a twin bedded room with a common headboard.
B. It is a room with good view.
C. It is a room that is situated beside the swimming pool.
D. It is a room with two king size beds.
Answer: Option-B
36. Studio room:
A. It is a room that is situated beside the swimming pool.
B. It is a room that is used only by residential guests to entertain their guests.
C. It is a room with a bed that can be turned into a sofa when not in use.
D. It is a room with good view.
Answer: Option-C
37. Which one of the following is used for removing blood stain?
A. Oxalic acid.
B. Hot water.
C. Methylated spirit.
D. Potassium permanganate.
Answer: Cancelled
38. Which one of the following flower arrangements is done based on angle?
A. Horizontal shape.
B. Hogarth shape.
C. Triangular shape.
D. Facing arrangement.
Answer: Option-D
39. Which one of the following equipment is manual equipment in Housekeeping?
A. High-pressure jet.
B. Handy vacuum.
C. Squeeze.
D. Wet extraction machine.
Answer: Option-C
40. Which one of the following is warm colour?
A. Red.
B. Violet.
C. White.
D. Green.
Answer: Option-A
41. Who is the in-charge of food production department?
A. Sous Chef.
B. Chef De Cuisine.
C. Chef De Parties.
D. Demi Chef De Parties.
Answer: Option-B
42. An Italian term used to denote commodity which has been cooked to a degree where it still is slightly firm to eat known as:
A. Al Dente
B. Brassica.
C. Au bleu.
D. Agar.
Answer: Option-A
43. Chiffonade:
A. Vegetable cut into slant shape.
B. A leafy vegetable cut into shred.
C. Vegetable cuts into baton shape.
D. Vegetable cut into strips.
Answer: Option-B
44. Gazpacho is an example of:
A. Cream Soup.
B. Broth.
C. Cold Soup
D. Chowder
Answer: Option-C
45. Which one of the following is derivative of b├ęchamel sauce?
A. Choron.
B. Mornay.
C. Diable.
D. Supreme.
Answer: Option-B
46. Which one of the following is cold mother sauce?
A. Mayonnaise sauce.
B. Hollandaise sauce.
C. Bechamel sauce.
D. Espagnole sauce.
Answer: Option-A
47. Which one of the following cut is culled from the loin of the lamb?
A. Spare ribs.
B. Silverside.
C. Lamb chop.
D. Sirloin chop.
Answer: Option-D
48. Which one of the following is game?
A. Chicken.
B. Rabbit.
C. Pork.
D. Ducks.
Answer: Option-B
49. Which one of the following is moist heat cooking method?
A. Stewing.
B. Stir-frying.
C. Grilling.
D. Baking.
Answer: Option-A
50. A dish prepared with a B├ęchamel sauce containing mushrooms, green peppers, and red or pimento peppers known as:
A. A la Carte.
B. A la Diable.
C. A la Lyonnaise.
D. A la king.
Answer: Option-D
51. Small cakes made from yeast dough containing raisins or currants Known as:
A. Scone.
B. Bagel.
C. Baba.
D. Baguette.
Answer: Option-C
52. Which one of the following is hard cheese?
A. Gorgonzola.
B. Parmesan.
C. Roquefort.
D. Gorgonzola.
Answer: Option-B
53. A mixture of beaten eggs, (either whole eggs, yolks, or whites) and a liquid, such as milk or water, that is used to coat baked goods before or during baking to give them a sheen is known as:
A. Egg wash.
B. Eggs Sardou.
C. Eggplant.
D. Eggnog.
Answer: Option-A
54. The French term for goose liver paste is:
A. Chaud Froid.
B. Pate De Foie Gras.
C. Fudge.
D. Chateaubriand.
Answer: Option-B
55. The French term for lobster is:
A. Calamari.
B. Langoustine.
C. Langouste.
D. Hommard.
Answer: Option-D
56. Liason:
A. A mixture of egg and flour.
B. A mixture of raw flour and butter.
C. A mixture of egg and cream.
D. A mixture of cooked flour and butter.
Answer: Option-C
57. Which one of the following proteins is found in wheat and other cereal flours that forms the structure of the bread dough?
A. Actin.
B. Coronin.
C. Collagen.
D. Gluten.
Answer: Option-D
58. The patty of the hamburger is made of:
A. Ground beef.
B. Ground lamb.
C. Ground pork.
D. Ground chicken.
Answer: Option-A
59. Which one of the following is example of savaries?
A. Welsh rarebit.
B. Poulet roti.
C. Spaghetti bolognaise.
D. Chop de porc.
Answer: Option-A
60. Which one of the following is example of hors-doeuvre?
A. Caviar.
B. Bortsch.
C. Gnochhi romaine.
D. Crepes suzette.
Answer: Option-A
61. Which one the following is fermented alcoholic beverage?
A. Rum.
B. Gin.
C. Beer.
D. Whisky.
Answer: Option-C
62. The base of Rusty Nail cocktail is:
A. Irish whiskey
B. American whiskey
C. Scotch whisky
D. Canadian whiskey
Answer: Option-C
63. The base of Pink Lady is:
A. Bacardi
B. Vodka
C. Gin
D. Tequila
Answer: Option-C
64. Guinness is beer from:
A. Ireland
C. Australia
D. Germany
Answer: Option-A
65. Morgan Spice is:
A. Spiced tequila
B. Spiced rum
C. Spiced vodka
D. Spiced gin
Answer: Option-B
66. Glenfidich is:
A. Blended Scotch
B. American whiskey
C. Single malt Scotch
D. Canadian whiskey
Answer: Option-C
67. The wine governing body of France is:
Answer: Option-D
68. ‘Starka’ vodka is:
A. Diluted thrice
B. Flavoured with lemon
C. A sweet flavoured vodka
D. Made from rye and is matured
Answer: Option-D
69. Mirabelle:
A. Cherry brandy
B. Yellow plum brandy
C. Raspberry brandy
D. Pear brandy
Answer: Option-B
70. Which one of the following is red grape?
A. Sauvignon Blanc.
B. Chardonnay.
C. Riesling.
D. Cabernet Sauvignon.
Answer: Option-D
71. Which one of the following is red wine from Bordeaux region of France?
A. Beaujolais Domaine sandar.
B. Bourgogne Pinot Noir.
C. Chateau Lafite Rothschild.
D. Chateau de Mercy.
Answer: Option-C
72. Corona is:
A. 9″ long cigar.
B. 5″long cigar.
C. 4 ½ ” long cigar.
D. 3 ¾ ” long cigar.
Answer: Option-B
73. The flavouring agent and base of Benedictine are:
A. Honey and Brandy.
B. Orange and Brandy.
C. Herbs and Brandy.
D. Apple and Brandy.
Answer: Option-C
74. Which one of the following is the base of Calypso coffee?
A. Tia-Maria.
B. Jameson whisky.
C. Vodka.
D. Benedictine.
Answer: Option-A
75. The base of Black Russian cocktail is:
A. Tequila.
B. Bacardi.
C. Vodka.
D. Gin.
Answer: Option-C
76. Vintage champagne is matured with the lees for at least:
A. 6 Years.
B. 5 Years.
C. 3 Years.
D. 4 Years.
Answer: Option-C
77. Which one of the following sparkling wine is from Italy?
A. Cap Classique.
B. Asti.
C. Cava.
D. Espumante.
Answer: Option-B
78. VSOP cognac is matured for:
A. 10-20 years.
B. 70 to 80 years.
C. 25 to 40 years.
D. 5-10 years.
Answer: Option-C
79. Which one of the following is fortified wine?
A. White wine.
B. Champagne.
C. Red wine.
D. Port wine.
Answer: Option-D
80. Which one of the following is vermouth?
A. Martini Dry.
B. Drambuie.
C. Sherry.
D. Cointreau.
Answer: Option-A
81. Find the odd word from the given response:
A. Audition.
B. Press.
C. Edition.
D. Newspaper.
Answer: Option-A
82. Find the odd letter from the given response:
Answer: Option-D
83. The second largest linguistics unit in India is ________
A. English.
B. Tamil.
C. Telegu.
D. Hindi.
Answer: Option-C
84. Which of the following is called the “Gateway to the Pacific”?
A. Gulf of Alaska.
B. Panama.
C. Bering Sea.
D. Suez Canal.
Answer: Option-B
85. Which of the following is not a rabi crop?
A. Gram.
B. Maize.
C. Wheat.
D. Mustard.
Answer: Option-B
86. What do you mean by ‘reserved forest’?
A. Reserved for local use.
B. Reserved for commercial exploitation.
C. Reserved for growing medicinal herbs.
D. Reserved for hunting.
Answer: Option-C
87. Which one the following is a leap year?
A. 2003.
B. 2001.
C. 1704.
D. 1982.
Answer: Option-C
88. Find out the most suitable answer. People wear goggles because:
A. They protect their eyes from dazzling light.
B. They see better by it.
C. They conceal their eyes.
D. By it they look handsome.
Answer: Option-A
89. Find out the most suitable answer. Policeman wears a uniform because:
A. It scares the criminals.
B. It keeps him smart.
C. He can be easily recognised.
D. It is provided by the government at free of cost.
Answer: Option-C
90. Find out the most suitable answer.
A deaf is always dumb because:
A. He is born so.
B. Speaking is learnt by hearing from others.
C. Deaf and dumb are synonyms.
D. Ear is internally connected to throat.
Answer: Option-B
91. Find out the most suitable answer.
Farmers use manure in their fields because:
A. It is their traditional practice.
B. It kills the germs of the soil.
C. The government advices to do so.
D. It helps in maintaining the fertility of the soil.
Answer: Option-D
92. Find out the most suitable answer. Children should avoid smoking because:
A. It is injurious for health.
B. It is a bad habit.
C. It is an unnecessary expenditure.
D. Elders advice them not to do so.
Answer: Option-A

 93. Vikash is taller than Shyam but shorter than Umesh. Umesh is taller than Rajat. If Shyam is taller than Rajat who is shortest among all?
A. Rajat.
B. Shyam.
C. Umesh.
D. Vikash.
Answer: Option-A

 94. A base ball team has lost 7 games and has won 13 games. What per cent of the games played did they win?
A. 30
B. 50
C. 45
D. 65
Answer: Option-D
95. If 1 out of every 50 people who play a certain games win a prize, what per cent of people loose?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 99
D. 98
Answer: Option-D
96. A car costs a dealer Rs. 50,000. The dealer raised the price by Rs. 13,000 and then deducted 1/7 of the new price. What percentage of the original cost was the car sold for?
A. 105%
B. 107%
C. 108%
D. 110%
Answer: Option-C

 97. In 21 cows eat as much as 15 oxen, how many cows will eat as much as 25 oxen?
A. 40
B. 45
C. 35
D. 50
Answer: Option-C

 98. Which one of the following places is not situated on the eastern cost of India?
A. Pondicherry.
B. Cochin.
C. Visakhapatanam.
D. Mahabalipuram.
Answer: Option-B

99. Asia’s first sky city is proposed to be set up at:
A. Hyderabad.
B. Kochchi.
C. Mumbai
D. Delhi
Answer: Option-B
100. Which country is known as ‘Land of Thousand Lakes’?
A. Finland.
B. Nepal.
C. Canada.
D. Norway.
Answer: Option-A