Kerala PSC English Question Papers & answer - Learning Exam

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Kerala PSC English Question Papers & answer

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 Kerala PSC English Question Papers & answer

Aim: Pick out the correct answer from the choices given.

1. He came late, didn’t he? Give a positive answer.

(A) Yes, he came.

(B) Yes, he did.

(C) Yes, did he.

(D ) Yes, he does.

Ans: (B) Yes, he did.

2. He won’t help us, will he? Give a negative answer.

(A) No, he will.

(B) No, he won’t.

(C) No, he would.

(D) No, he wouldn’t.

Ans: (B) No, he won’t.

3. I am right, ——— ?

(A) amn’t I

(B) am I

(C) are I

(D) aren’t I

Ans: (D) aren’t I

4. Everyone was happy, ————?

(A) wasn’t he

(B) weren’t they

(C) was he

(D) were they

Ans: (B) weren’t they

5. Neither of them knew the answer, ———— ?

(A) didn’t he

(B) didn’t they

(C) did he

(D) did they

Ans: (D) did they

6. Neither of them ————— hard working.

(A) are

(B) is

(C) were

(D) have been

Ans: (B) is

7. Each of us———— given a prize.

(A) have

(B) have been

(C) has

(D) were

Ans: (C) has

8. The two girls like ————— very much.

(A) one another

(B) each other

(C) each

(D) none of these

Ans: (B) each other

9. By this time next year she ————— her course.

(A) will complete

(B) will be completing

(C) will have completed

(D) completed

Ans: (C) will have completed

10. She——— three languages .Now she ———— a fourth.

(A) is knowing , learns

(B) knows , is learning

(C) knows , learns

(D) is knowing , is learning

Ans: (B) knows , is learning

11. Before he—— the station ,the train ———.

(A) reached , left

(B) had reached , had left

(C) reached , had left

(D) reaches , left

Ans: (C) reached , had left

12. When he ————- the room , his son ———in his chair.

(A) entered , slept

(B) was entering , slept

(C) entered , was sleeping

(D) had entered , had slept

Ans: (C) entered , was sleeping

Aim : Find out the error in the sentences given.

13. (A) One / (B) has to do / (C) his duty / (D) no error

Ans: (C) his duty

14. (A) People believe that / (B) the God / (C) is omnipresent. /(D) no error

Ans: (B) the God

15. (A) Dog / (B) is / (C) a faithful animal. / (D) no error

Ans: (A) Dog

16. (A) Man / (B) is / (C) mortal. / (D) no error

Ans: (D) no error

17. (A) The Platinum / (B) is / (C) a precious metal./(D) no error

Ans: (A) The Platinum

Aim : Use correct prepositions wherever necessary.

18. He was absent ———— the class .

(A) to

(B) from

(C) in

(D) at

Ans: (B) from

19. The proposal was acceptable ——— me .

(A) to

(B) in

(C) with

(D) from

Ans: (A) to

20. The minister was accompanied ——— his private secretary .

(A) to

(B) by

(C) with

(D) at

Ans: (B) by

21. The prisoner was acquitted —————— the charge .

(A) of

(B) at

(C) in

(D) by

Ans: (A) of

22. She has great affection ——— the baby .

(A) at

(B) in

(C) for

(D) with

Ans: (C) for

23. She takes ———— her father .

(A) down

(B) after

(C) off

(D) to

Ans: (B) after

24. You should aim ——— a first class .

(A) at

(B) in

(C) for

(D) with

Ans: (A) at

25. Don’t be angry ——— me .

(A) to

(B) at

(C) with

(D) for

Ans: (C) with

26. The teacher was angry ————— his behavior .

(A) with

(B) at

(C) to

(D) in

Ans: (B) at

Aim: Use the correct tense forms.

27. I would rather ——— a cup of tea.

(A) liked

(B) to like

(C) has liked

(D) like

Ans: (D) like

28. I would rather you——— home now.

(A) go

(B) to go

(C) went

(D) has gone

Ans: (C) went

29. I am not accustomed to ———— personal information about myself to strangers.

(A) giving

(B) gave

(C) has given

(D) had given

Ans: (A) giving

30. He is accustomed to ———her what he thinks.

(A) tells

(B) told

(C) telling

(D)in telling

Ans: (C) telling

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